Family Tea 5/6/17

Monday nights usually consist of a family gathering which includes, but is not limited too, Me, Mum, Grandad, Uncle, Auntie and Great Uncle. Of course the emergency chairs are brought out and we all pile around the table and share a meal and perhaps the odd glass of wine. A little sparse this evening with […]

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The disabled are not a punishment of God but rather a path towards God

The full text of Jean Vanier’s address as he collected the 2015 Templeton Prize This is the full text of the prepared remarks by Jean Vanier at the Templeton Prize Ceremony at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, on May 18: Good evening everyone: Reverend Doctor Sam Wells, Jennifer Templeton Simpson, Heather Templeton Dill, distinguished guests, ladies and […]

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For Rita

Response: Stay with us Lord on our journey.  For Rita, who in baptism was given the gift of eternal life with Christ. May she now be in the company of the saints who inspired her throughout her life. And so we pray… For Rita, who throughout her whole life was sustained by the bread of […]

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Let’s talk about…

…The Bible! So i’ve decided to give more time in my day/ week to free write! I used to do it a lot whilst i was studying as a way to clear my head and get all my ideas down. With my work and life i am blessed to meet and encounter some wonderful people […]

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Photography #2

So I have been continuing to play around with my lovely new camera. Of course as the season of glittering Christmas trees ladened with shimmering baubles is upon us what better material to continue to fathom out the mind boggling world of manual camera settings than that of the quintessentially festive season!? Any tips gratefully […]

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