So much can happen In one single Moment. Within the four walls of my Mind, I am trapped. A negative spiral of speculation. The chain reacts.   Moment by moment, Day by day I do. Do this, do that and do the other. For me, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle of nourish and depletion. Yearning to […]

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Things You Love…

“Fill your life with the things you love”… it got me thinking. What do I love? No- not who do I love?- that’s an easier question with beautiful people in mind… … but what do I love? I feel I am in constant tension with the materialism of the life and this makes me acutely […]

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New Year… LOST!

I have just written a fairly lengthy blog post on the subject of the New Year, however it has disappeared… I could cry. It’s interesting to notice the feeling of losing something- something as small as this still makes me angry, frustrated and hurt. Why should it? I find that capturing the thought process is […]

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The Body’s Prayer

At the moment my life feels a little unbalanced. I spend a lot of time running around sorting things out and reacting to day-to-day work challenges which sometimes makes me feel like i’m letting go of the thread that anchors me to a relatively sane mindset!  Free writing has been a real outlet for this […]

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Oh we’ve got to trust one another again in some essentials. Not the narrow little bargaining trust that says: I’m for you if you’ll be for me. – But a bigger trust, a trust of the sun that does not bother about moth and rust, and we see it shining in one another. Oh don’t […]

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The past few months have been a whirlwind. I have a sense that my core flame needs a little stoking. How to do this? The First– Think. Deeply. Philosophical accompanier. Done. The Second– The written word. Read. Get lost. The Third– Physical. Run. Hard. Balance. Strong. The Fourth– Be present. Appreciate. Everyday. Beauty. The Fifth– […]

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